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Some Recovery Acronyms To Help You

JN 8:32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Below are just a few acronyms to help you to overcome addiction and certain lies that fuel it. You can also make up your own, but in the end it will be God's truth that sets you free.

Here are a few of the main lies that we believe in life that fuel our addiction problems:

1. We were unprotected in our natural defenseless state as children when we faced threats that we could not protect ourselves from, so our fears drove us to outside pleasure security.

2. We learned to use pleasure very early in life to feel in control of our safety, and to comfort ourselves. We abused pleasure and progressively turned to ever more destructive forms of it.

3. We graduated from using and overusing lesser forms of pleasure when we were young, to using drugs (or other things) when we got older. Those worse addictions damaged our lives.

Here are the acronyms and some healthier alternatives to treat our fear and need to feel in control. Remember, addiction is fueled by a belief that we are naturally defenseless in life.

For protection

Remember "T.E.A.P.O.T."

Truth- God's truth most of the times in a conflict can be your best offense and defense.

Escape- Just get away from the conflict for a while in order to feel a sense of control again.

Authorities- There is always some form of outside authority that you can turn to for defense.

Physical self defense- The is a last ditch solution, but you are no longer a defenseless child.

Obedience- Keeping the rules gives you a very strong position of self-defense and power.

Take it to God and ask for His protection and help- God will protect you if you really need it.

For non-destructive pleasure

Remember "S.E.P.T.I.C." (Think of it in terms of eliminating the filth you used to turn to)

Sleep- Sometimes just detaching and getting some sleep can give you a lot of restoration.

Exercise- This can rebuild your sense of power, and relieve a whole lot of pent up anxiety.

Prayer- Prayer will give you a sense of control because you are asking God to help you.

TV- This obviously means healthy TV viewing, not sexual, ultra-violent, or demonic stuff.

Imagination- There is healthy imagination that can be relaxing, but it must be non-sinful.

Computer- Things like games, movies, emails, message boards, or groups can be helpful.

For drugs

Remember "D.R.U.G.S. K.I.L.L. M.E."

Damages and destroys your body- Drug abuse degrades your health and kills you early.

Ruins your relationships- In time we eventually lose every good relationship in our life.

Unnatural and unnecessary- Except to treat real pain, drugs have no right to be in your life.

Gives power to other addictions- Like profanity, porn, rage, smoking, or sexual addictions.

Sin that can damn you- Jesus said that people who live intoxicated all the time go to Hell.

Keeps you stuck in life in every way- God can't use or trust someone who is intoxicated.

Inhibits your social skills- We are usually either too paranoid, emotional, needy, or angry.

Loss of everything you love and value in your life- But when you quit God can give it all back.

Loss of future- Family, job, freedom, possessions, health, God's will, and maybe heaven.

Makes you confused, unstable, unreliable, unsafe, incapable of functioning, and very sick.

Expensive to buy- Addiction takes a lot of money and many turn to crime just to support it.

Like I said, it is useful to make up your own acronyms that fit your life and your addictions personally, but the bottom line here is learning to get away from the lies and live in the truth. Fear, lies, and a need to feel in control in order to feel safe can be a hard habit to break, but once you understand it properly, you are then free to mature beyond it, and to live free of it.