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"I Just Want To Be Normal"

You may have gotten stuck with a chemical imbalance, genetic predisposition toward addiction, or generational evil spirits that push you toward sexual perversion or addiction, and the cry of your heart through the years may have been "I just want to be normal!". Well if this is you and you are sick and tired of having all these impossible problems then just know this day that God does in fact want to help you.

We get so discouraged when trying to overcome addiction and sexual perversion because we try so many different things that don't work and finally we just give up and give in and accept it as out fate and curse. That's a lie. There is someone besides you that wants to help you to get free from what has been hindering and crippling you in life and that is Jesus Christ. He has helped many people just like you to get fully free.

There are still some lies and mindsets in our minds that have to be healed and corrected in order for us to let the addiction go but there are other factors that are out of our control and God will send the help we need to eliminate these obstacles. This is your day to stand and it doesn't matter if you have had your addiction for many decades now. If you will cry out to God and trust Him He will help you to be normal.

MT 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."