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How Drugs Affect Your Ability To Quit Other Addictions

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How Drugs Affect You Ability To Quit Other Addictions

1PE 4:7 The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray.

I just want to encourage you in a truth today that if you are on drugs that it will be much easier to quit other addictions once the drugs are out of your system. The thing with drugs is that they tend to decrease your ability to say no to other addictions (like overeating, swearing, gambling, over-spending, pornography, masturbation etc). Drugs control the control center of your body which is your brain, so once they are gone you will have a much better chance of quitting other addictions when your brain is clear.

Of course God will lead you through which addictions you should quit and when, but drugs are a biggee because while they are there it will be very difficult to quit anything else. Drugs also tend to cause us to create more conflict in our life which takes more drugs to ease the emotional pain that we create from the conflict so they must go. So I just want to encourage you to go after the king pin of your addiction problems which is drugs. Once the drugs are gone your other addictions will fall away much easier.