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Having a Porn Store in Your Living Room
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Having a Porn Store in Your Living Room

There has been an epidemic of sexual addictions in the world ever since we got the Internet in our homes. We may not fully appreciate or realize it, but the pornography store is no longer some seedy place on the bad street of our city, it is now right in our own living rooms via the Internet through our computers. Ads are designed to funnel us toward porn sites and we get porn spam in our email boxes, so it is nearly impossible to just stay away from it altogether.

When we have pornography in our home it attacks and destroys our families. Spouses view porn, masturbate, sex-chat, have online-affairs, and are often eventually caught and then promptly divorced, because cheating in your marriage is still cheating even if it is done electronically. When you put an unfiltered computer in your child's bedroom they will view porn late at night and learn to sex-chat through some lustful person enticing them. Your kids are exposed to every form of sexual perversion on the Internet and it can ruin them sexually for marriage and for life. Pornography is always progressive, and once you view these soul-staining images, they stay there for good.

If we really care about ourselves and our families, then we will take whatever steps are necessary to protect ourselves and them from the dangers of electronic sexual addictions. You may need to put your computer in a central place in your home, or put good security passwords and filtering software in place. For some people, their porn addiction can be so bad that they need to just get rid of their computer altogether. The ultimate danger of electronic sexual addictions are that they can send you to hell in the end. It's time to deal with the porn store in your living room and to put a "closed for business" sign on the door. Allow God to help you to make whatever changes are necessary and your home can be a place of light, happiness, and purity once again.

Here are some links for various tools that can help you to shut down the flood of filth that has been poisoning your home and heart. Remember that sexual addiction is not your friend, it is actually your worst enemy, so allow yourself to walk in that truth and to do whatever is necessary to clean up your home, family, and relationship with God. It's time for us to say "No More" to that which has been seeking to utterly destroy us.

http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com/home/our_courses.php  "The Way of Purity" course for people recovering from pornography and sexual addictions.

http://www.xxxchurch.com/x3watch/default.asp  Accountability software 

http://www.settingcaptivesfree.com/home/scf_isp.php  Setting Captives Free filtered Internet

http://www.integrity.com/  Intergrity.com  filtered Internet