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Your True Father

PS 68:5 A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.

For most people Father's day is a day to reflect upon and show honor and gratitude to your dad for all that he did in your life. But for many other people who were and who still maybe are damaged by addiction, Father's day can be a very painful reminder of what went wrong in your life concerning your father and/or being a father yourself.

Perhaps your dad was an addicted person and caused you a lot of damage by either abuse, or by not being there at all. Or perhaps you are a father and you do not have a relationship with your kids because of your addictions. Whatever the case is or damage done, God wants to heal you and be the Father that you really need in life.

We all want to feel approved of and loved by a father in our life and when that doesn't happen we suffer deep emotional pain and self-rejection, and this can poison your ability to be happy or give and receive love from other people. When you believe that you are not worth loving as a child it will also be very hard for you to love your kids.

Instead of this Father's day being another painful reminder of what went wrong, take your hurt to God in prayer and let Him show you just how much He loves you. God created your spirit which lives forever so He is even more your father than your earthly dad is. God is your true Father so let Him step in and be the Dad that you never had.