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The only way out is through
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The only way out is through

You may have been trapped in certain addictions for many years now, and you may have lost all hope of ever getting free because you have tried and tried many different things to quit, yet still you keep returning back to your old addiction. I want to encourage you today, that if there is something like this that has been happening to you in your life, that there is an answer for you, but the only way out of your problem, is letting God take you through it. If you are willing to let God take you exactly from where you are right now, today, and into a time of facing the roots of pain that have been fueling your need to medicate, you will finally be free, and capable of letting go of the pain reliever. There are two things you need to start this journey. 1. You will need a complete unconditional surrender from the heart, to God, and for God to help you. 2. A complete and true acceptance that you can never manage your addiction again. It means "hitting bottom".

You see, addiction is like a very tall, impassable mountain range, and each mountain in the range represents an addiction. You may be trying to climb over the mountain of alcoholism, smoking, pornography, or drugs right now, but since you keep relapsing, you just end up walking in circles around that same mountain. Relapse and recovery are like a tree, you keep seeing the diseased rotten fruit of your addiction born on the tree, and people around you just say "Pick the bad fruit off, and just be a normal tree!", so you either learn to hide your habit better, or you try some kind of recovery to appease them. Then invariably, the bad fruit grows back and you fail yet again. Then you feel even more frustrated, and less capable of quitting the addiction than before. What God does, is take you down to the roots of that tree (your heart), and He shows you all of the childhood pain and damage to those roots that has been growing the bad fruit. God then shows you all the lies you have believed about things, and helps you to heal these damaged roots with truth and forgiveness, so that you can finally be free of the need to medicate the pain and grow good, healthy fruit.

Whatever quick fixes, promises, or quitting dates you keep setting, it will never be permanent freedom until you let God take you through this healing process. God has kept a record of every thought you have ever thought, and every painful emotional trauma that has ever hurt you. He knows you completely from the inside out, even much better than you do, so He alone is really capable of leading you through this process of addiction recovery. As He leads you through, and as you get more and more healed, He will just tell you one day that you are ready to let go of a particular habit (Obviously, if you are just days from death because of an addiction, then you need to quit now). But usually, if we quit everything at once without healing the damaged roots of our heart first, we go into a chemical imbalance and psychological crisis that can traumatize us into never wanting to try to quit again. God knows exactly how to help you personally so that you can recover for good, and you will not even have to sit in recovery meetings for the rest of your life to avoid relapse. You will be truly free from the inside out, and your fear of life will be gone.

God knows you're tired of doing laps around the same old mountains of addiction, and He wants to help you right now. Ask Him and trust Him today to help you to begin to be set free from the inside out. The only way out is by going through. There is no other way to be free. You must be brave and be willing to face your old pain. Once God pulls the thorn out of your wound, you can then heal. You will find that a lot of your pain will go back to your relationship, or lack of relationship, with your parents and/or siblings. Our old unhealed emotional pain can be like a monster that we try to keep caged up with an addiction, but the only power that this monster has over us is the lies we have believed about God, ourselves, and others. The only teeth this monster has are the areas of unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment that have lived inside our hearts. God knows you just want to be happy and free, so trust Him to be what you need.

Here is a prayer to pray to help you.

"Lord Jesus, you have seen everything that has happened to me in my life, and you have seen what it has done to me, and how it has hurt and damaged my life. Lord I have tried to deaden my old pain and guilt with addiction, but it has just created more emotional pain for me to heal from. God, I now surrender every area of my heart and life to you right now, and I ask that you would take complete control of all the emotional and spiritual healing that I need in my life. I offer myself to you "as is", and I ask that you would speak to me clearly about the lies that have been living in my heart. Walk with me Jesus through this painful and difficult process, and do not let go of my hand, even for a second. I ask this all in Jesus precious name, amen."