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Letting Yourself Out of Prison
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Letting Yourself Out of Prison

For most of us who have been affected by addiction we have lost many things in our lives that were very precious to us, and because of that we can live in a mental prison of guilt, fear, and shame that we feel we deserve to be in where we give ourselves a life sentence to stay there. We may have lost marriages, children, friends, family, jobs, or our health and so now we feel that we must punish ourselves for all the terrible and hurtful things that we have done in life. But this prison is not exactly what it seems.

You see, you may be suffering from extreme guilt but think about it honestly, are those other people you are hurting over in the same prison as you, or have they just gone on with their lives? Most of the time we want to go back in time and fix what we did wrong, but time won't stay still or go backwards for us so we are just wasting our time and we might as well start right where we are at today and go forward. Life is too short for us to live in the past and there are still so many good things ahead for you.

Chances are that the prison of fear, shame, and guilt that you have placed yourself in is something you created and there really is no need to remain there. There are no locks in your prison so you can walk out anytime. Allow yourself to come out of your prison today by forgiving yourself and others, and most importantly of all by receiving God's forgiveness. There is no point in trying to nail yourself up on a cross of self punishment because Jesus Christ has already done that for you. Walk out free today.

Here is a prayer to pray if you need it:

"God you have seen all of the terrible things that I have done and all of the people I have hurt in my life, and I ask that you would completely forgive me for all of it right now. I forgive anyone that has hurt me and I ask that you would also help me to forgive myself for anything I have done. Help others to forgive me as well. Thank you for forgiving me this day Lord and I offer my life to you right now Lord Jesus to help me to put all the pieces back together again. In Jesus name I pray and ask, amen".

1JN 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

(All unrighteousness means that God has forgiven you for every bad thing you've ever done no matter how terrible you still think it is. Why keep trying to pay a paid bill? All means all so forgive yourself today and start living life again)