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If you are living in a chemically imbalanced body due to either a genetic predisposition and/or a chemical imbalance caused by drug abuse then you live in a continuous state of anxiety, tension, craving, and need. I call people in this state "Insuff's" due to the constant sense of insufficiency that they feel. Because of this condition people can become easily addicted to anything that relieves their state of tension. Insuff's need to be more careful than other people with anything that contains pleasure in it because we can quickly and easily make an addiction out of it. Most people that live in this state feel like they are ready to jump out of their skin most the time, and they usually have some nervous physical habits that take the edge off. It also makes being social and responsible for things a little more challenging than most other people.

If you are an Insuff then you need to be aware of your addictive nature and practice and introduce good tension relieving habits in your life to counteract the anxiety that gnaws at you. Things like exercise, bible reading, prayer, playing a musical instrument, taking naps, avoiding stimulants, serving others, or developing healthy hobbies can greatly reduce your chance of falling back into the wrong addictions. We have learned to self-medicate our pain with either destructive pleasure, or excessive pleasure, and we need to replace these wrong pleasures with right ones in order to treat our condition and avoid relapse. It also helps to pray for healing from anything that is wrong with our chemical makeup so that we can be more whole. Trust God to help you if you suffer from "insuffitis" and to give you positive ways of dealing with it.

JN 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (not half or 1/4).