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Finding Your Joy Again

When you have had an addiction going in your life it tends to have the effect of taking away any real joy or genuine happiness that non-addicted people experience. Addiction causes mental depression, physical suppression, and spiritual oppression, so your ability to enjoy anything will be vastly limited. Because of all these factors you can also feel really hopeless and in despair much of the time so getting yourself back in your right mind, body, and spirit will be critical in order for you to pull out of your nosedive of depression and be able to start enjoying life again as you were meant to.

When you first quit an addiction all your mental, physical, and spiritual alarms may go off because the root of addiction is fear of life without having something extra to protect yourself with. But in time your body will rebalance itself chemically, your mind will realize that it really doesn't need the addiction as much as it thought it did, and whatever evil spirits that have been gratifying their desires through you will be forced to leave because they have lost their legal rights to remain there. Control over your life will then be progressively given back to you and things will just get better and better.

Although you will still battle your fears when a familiar threat comes by, your body may once and a while cry out for relief because of the normal chemical imbalance it battles with, and evil spirits or life itself may come to tempt you occasionally, you will actually find yourself starting to laugh, smile, and enjoy the simple things in life once again. You may even find yourself wondering why you wasted all that time escaping the happiness you now feel. Trust God to be there for you after your addiction because He wants to restore your joy and ability to be happy in life again.

RO 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.